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Our Mission

Helping people diagnose and discover their true values and true wealth on a moral, spiritual, physical, and financial level and guiding them to find clear answers and superior solutions within their value system that will bring clarity, focus, balance, and confidence into their lives.

"When your values are clear, your decisions are easy."

--Roy Disney


We are fiercely dedicated to transforming our client's personal and financial lives.

Our Values

Integrity - Wisdom - Virtue - Fraternity of Mankind

We embrace our values with complete conviction. We are determined to help you determine and embrace your values as well.

Our History

Arthur Mitchell & Associates is a financial consulting firm serving clients nationwide. The company, based in Southern California and formally established in 1989, has roots as a life insurance marketing organization that goes back over thirty years. The company has transformed to helping clients bring clarity, focus, balance, and confidence into their personal and financial lives.

Our Founder

Client Centered

Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell started his long career in the financial services industry in 1984. Over the years and after thousands of client meetings, he developed the process of Transformational Values-Based Wealth Planning. He feels strongly that...

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