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It is our firm belief that through educational events and experiences, we can help you learn that by focusing on discovering your core values rather than the value of your assets, you will find true wealth and find clarity, focus, balance, and confidence in your personal and financial life.

“It is a process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel.”
  — James Allen

Working with together with our consultants as your guides, the Transformational Values-Based Wealth Planning helps you to identify your higher order intrinsic needs- your core value system. By focusing on your core value system instead of your assets, you will find values-based answers and solutions that transcend your short-term goals and point you unswervingly towards a path towards true wealth.

Transformational Values-Based Wealth Planning uses a four step four-step educational process to help you discover your true wealth within your core value system. Each step of the Transformational Values-Based Method represents one of the four idealized dimensions of clarity, focus, balance, and confidence. The four steps are:

  1. Enlightenment and Discovery—to recognize clarity
  2. Design, Refine, and Enhance—to establish focus
  3. Transformation and Implementation—to attain balance
  4. Accountability and Responsibility—to sustain confidence

The success of this educational method is measured by the extent to which it articulates a revelation experience that is appealing and inspiring to you and provides you with a strong sense of purpose—to act towards attaining your true wealth within your value system.

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